Headache Tracker v1.1.0 was launched

On September 19th Headache Tracker v1.1.0 was launched. In this version, a number of things have been improved.

A short time ago, we have asked the Headache Tracker users what they like about the app and what could be improved. We received a lot of positive responses and also some suggestions for improvement. One of those suggestions has become available as a new feature in the newest version of the app. This is a feature that offers the possibility to export diary data to an overview in PDF format. This overview can be used for your own insight or to support the appointments with your physician.

Beside this feature, the users can expect more new features that were suggested by them. Examples are:

  • option to have multiple entries per day (morning, afternoon and evening)
  • option to configure the chart period (e.g. week/2 weeks/month)
  • a feature to set a reminder to daily give in your diary entries
  • option to erase a faulty diary entry
  • and more…

If you have any other suggestions for improvement, please let us know!

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