The patient in control, insight for the professional

Treatment support

Supporting the conversation between physician and patient by giving insight in the course of the desease and medication use.

On a scientific basis

Based on default sets with scientifically proven symptoms.

A personalized solution

With standard symptoms or personalized symptoms/triggers that can be configured based on the personal situation.

Data for reasearch

Building a dataset for scientific research.

The digital diaries of Health Diaries

The digital diaries created by Health Diaries are based on input from medical science, healthcare professionals and healthcare companies. This input is the basis of the diaries. Beside this, it is also possible for the patients to configure their diaries and tailor the diaries to their needs. This way, Health Diaries aims at giving the patient more control over his or her desease and improving the communication between patient and physician. On top of the mobile diaries, Health Diaries provides the healthcare professional with the possibility to proactively monitor the patient’s condition remotely (if the patient allows the professional to do this), based on relevant parameters.

Example configurable diary